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Become A Sponsor

TURNER RACING is reaching out to companies like yours to partner with, for us to go out and compete with other teams in our sport. As I am sure you are aware, the costs in our endeavor are substantial and without partners like you its impossible. As a business owner I know you want the most value for dollar as you can get, and we are committed to making that happen if you choose to sponsor us.

TURNER RACING understands more than most teams what your name and brand mean to you. We would represent you with utmost respect and care worthy of both your name and brand. Our riders understand that without you they do not race and are always striving to mention our sponsors in all they do whether that is on television, social media or in interviews.

We have included images below of what our race day operations look like at the track and as you will see we represent our partners well and we strive to always do so. As you are looking at the attached pictures of our team and riders think about what TURNER RACING can bring to the table for a company like yours.


Thank you for taking the time to read and review and please contact BRYAN BIGELOW team manager with any questions at 989-387-3575 or [email protected]

MIKE TURNER team owner at 850-557-2931 or [email protected]

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