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TURNER RACING’S first year in AMERICAN FLAT TRACK was by all measures a complete success. We started with no race bikes, no riders, and no experience as a professional race team. Taking what we have learned in the construction business as two of the top masonry companies in the country, Cornerstone Masonry Group and B&M Masonry built a team of riders and mechanics from scratch and took the Flat track community by surprise.

TURNER RACING started out of a desire to give back to a sport that has affected our lives since the early seventies and continues through today. TURNER RACING is owned by Mike Turner Sr, Mike Turner Jr, Chris Turner, Jeff Turner and Travis Turner.

Mike Turner Jr is a 4-time amateur national champion in AMA flat track and owner of Cornerstone Masonry Group, an award winning a nationally recognized masonry construction company. Mike Turner Sr, Jeff, Chris, and Travis are the principle owners of B&M Masonry, another award winning and nationally recognized masonry construction company and all are ex-flat track amateur racers.

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