We stunned the Flat Track Racing world in our very first season.

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Track Singles Championship.

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2022 Can’t Come Soon Enough!

TURNER RACING has put together a team of the top people and the best lineup of riders to be a sure contender for the 2022 American Flat Track singles championship.

TURNER RACING is pleased to announce that it has been able to secure the services of 3 time grand national champion Kenny Coolbeth. Kenny will use his knowledge to full advantage as a rider coach and suspension specialist. Kenny will also team with race manager Bryan Bigelow to prep and work on race bikes.


TURNER RACING is pleased to announce that we will be the AMERICAN HONDA RED RIDERS team for the 2022 season. In only our third year in the sport and on the strength of our performance in 2021 our second year of competing we have been selected to be the Factory Honda team in the upcoming 2022 AMERICAN FLAT TRACK SERIES. This is a huge honor for our race program and something we do not take lightly.

Honda has a long history in motorsports and in particular flat track and to be its official flat track team means we must perform at our very best and we have the riders and personnel to do so.



TURNER RACING is reaching out to companies like yours to partner with, for us to go out and compete with other teams in our sport. As I am sure you are aware the costs in our endeavor are substantial and without partners like you its impossible. As a business owner I know you want the most value for dollar as you can get, and we are committed to making that happen if you choose to sponsor us.

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